2020 NJ CARS STD Conference

NJ-CARS is excited to announce that we will be hosting our second annual Recovery Support Services Conference virtually this year during Recovery Month!


Friday September 25th, 2020

A “Recovery Ecosystem” is the entire continuum of recovery support services that exist and work collaboratively within a community. These include peer services, recovery community centers, recovery residences, collegiate recovery communities, family support, recovery high schools, recovery advocacy, as well as treatment and allied service providers.

Who should attend?

This conference is open to all, but has been designed by our NJ-CARS members, for our NJ-CARS members.

Request for Workshop Proposals

The New Jersey Coalition for Addiction Recovery Support (NJ-CARS) is seeking workshop proposals for our 2nd Annual RECOVERY ECOSYSTEMS: Impact Through Education, Innovation and Collaboration Conference on Friday September 25th, 2020.

We are seeking presentations on topics identified by our members as being pertinent to their continuing education needs. Presenters should be intimately familiar with recovery support services and recovery-oriented systems of care. Workshops will be 45 minutes in duration. All workshops will be presented virtually. Workshops will be a combination of live and pre-recorded.

All proposals will be considered, but we are specifically looking for workshops that fall within the following categories which have been requested via our Membership and Conference Committee:

1. Harm Reduction (Definitions, Strategies, Medication Assisted Treatment / Medication Assisted Recovery, Multiple Pathways)

2. Self-Care (Yoga & Meditation, Time Management, Work/Life Balance)

3. Mental Health / Co-Occurring Recovery Support Services

4. Peer Supervision / Program Administrators (Ethical Standards, Building Policies & Procedures, Funding)

5. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

6. Recovery in the Broader Ecosystem (Legal, Medical/Healthcare, Housing, Job Preparedness/Placement, Education)

Please complete and submit your proposal – here, or by email to cdix@preventionlinks.org or mariel.harrison@gmail.com – on or before Monday July 13th, 2020.