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We are here to make sure that every person facing addiction has access to comprehensive support within their own community.


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People in recovery, family members, loved ones, professionals, activists and more can join our coalition at no cost to you. In exchange for your valuable experience and participation, we offer a wide array of benefits from exclusive workshops to the info on latest best practices.

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Organizations seeking to become leaders in the addiction treatment and recovery support industry are encouraged to join our coalition. As workers at the forefront of the addiction crisis, we are available to offer anything from technical assistance to free trainings.

How We Help


Ensuring our decision-makers prioritize services, policies, and legislation that support long-term recovery.


Helping recovery support organizations build their programs from the ground up following best practice standards.


Educating stakeholders and enhancing the skills of recovery support providers to ensure the highest quality of services.


 Bringing the recovery community together through networking meetings, equity dinners, conferences, and more. 


You Can Help Too.

We want you to become part of our impact. Our coalition is nearly entirely run by volunteer changemakers who have dedicated themselves to our cause, giving us the ability to offer these vital resources. To keep our services free and accessible to the community, from running our website to hosting our annual conference – we need your support.

Your donation today creates a better tomorrow for every person, family and community impacted by the addiction crisis. Give us the chance to make meaningful change and give today.

Addiction Recovery in New Jersey.

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