Bringing the Recovery Community Together
Around the country, communities of recovery have come together to bring additional, improved resources for recovery support services to their states and communities. Now is the time for the New Jersey Recovery Community to stand together and ensure that the expansion of recovery support services in the state is driven by the recovery community.

A Statewide Show of Support

It is not enough for peers to be front line workers in recovery support. Individuals in recovery should be empowered to take the lead in developing, implementing, and governing these services. By coming together, we strengthen our voice to ensure we are heard by decision-makers, collateral service providers, and, most importantly, individuals struggling with substance use disorders and their loved ones.

Current Advisory Committee

Mike Santillo, Co-Chair
Morgan Thompson, Co-Chair
Don Bornheimer
Terri Burns
Katie Calvacca
Pam Capaci
Kim Govak
Diane Litterer
Dan Fishbein
Keith Murphy
Mariel Hufnagel
Heather Ogden


Our Mission

CARS provides an inclusive platform to celebrate the hope of recovery, promote the value of individuals with lived experience, and to incorporate and strengthen recovery support services across the continuum of care for substance use disorders throughout New Jersey.

Advisory Committee

The CARS Advisory Committee is a diverse group of experienced recovery support practitioners and providers from around New Jersey, comprised of, at minimum, 75% peers. The Advisory Committee seeks to engage all segments of the recovery community around the state and works collaboratively to define CARS structure, strategy, and goals.


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Cindymarie Dix, Project Coordinator

The New Jersey Coalition for Addiction Recovery Support (NJ CARS) is made possible by funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Building Communities of Recovery Initiative.

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