Recovery Management Check-Ups (RMC)

Empowering & supporting clients in recovery post-treatment.

Sustained support for sustained recovery.

RMC offers clients leaving substance use disorder treatment free check-ups to support their independent living and success in recovery.


Providing at least 9 months of monthly check-ups

Whether it’s virtual face-to-face visits, text messaging, or in-person, our expert peer recovery specialists support your client in finding the resources they need to thrive.



This is a statewide initiative funded by the Department of Health (DHS) through the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

This program is made possible by the partnership between Prevention Is Key CARES and the New Jersey Coalition for Addiction Recovery Support (NJ-CARS).

Facilitating connections to vital resources that increase Recovery Capital

Health & Wellness Resources

Sober Living & Housing

Mutual Aid Meetings & Recovery Community

Food Security Resources

Workforce Support

Medication Management

Intensive Case Management

Mental Health & SUD Treatment

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